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Junior Trader

Job Summary

  • Company: Integra FX
  • Location: Delray Beach, Florida (Delray Beach)
  • Compensation: 50% Commission

Job Description

Company Description:
Integra FX- Hedge-Fund and Trading-school

Since its 1999 launch, the Integra-Fund has produced consistent, positive returns with very few draw-downs. While maintaining a relatively high Sharpe Ratio Integra was able to grow from a limited amount of initial capital to more than $700 million of AUM Assets Under Management at its peak. From June-03 through April-06 the Integra flagship fund had 35 consecutive months of positive returns with an average return of 12% per annum. Richard Scalone, the founder and Portfolio Manager of the Integra Funds, received a BA in Economics from Columbia University, and immediately started his Wall Street trading career thereafter. Throughout his nine year tenure as a chief dealer and forward currency trader at Chemical/Chase Bank, he established himself as the most successful trader in the bank's history.
Richard Scalone has since launched a Forex Training program that teaches the methodologies and market know-how that made him a successful hedge fund manager. The one week program taught by Mr. Scalone is intended to teach each individual how to determine market directionality as well as the skills necessary to manage risk. After successful completion of the class and proper application of the methodologies and risk management techniques each individual will become a Junior Trader at Integra FX.

Career Opportunity:

Junior Trader

As a junior trader you will work and learn from one of the world’s top hedge fund managers, and trade the company’s capital in a state of the art trading environment. In addition you will receive ongoing support by senior traders, and Mr. Scalone to help insure both company and individual profitability.

- $3,000-$5,000 Course fee
- Professional, Hardworking, Disciplined
- Proper Implementation of Gained Knowledge
- Utilization of Hedge Fund Trading Strategies

What to Expect:
- 1 Week Intensive Training
- 2-3 Weeks Demo Trading (Implementing
Methodologies & Risk/Return Techniques)
- $150,000 Leveraged Trading Account (Starting)
- Daily Mentoring and Market Review
- 3 Month Incubation Period
- Possible Career Advancement

To apply please contact David Demers @ 561-674-6006 or

Candidates interested in applying to this role should e-mail